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Domestic Clean - Marsden, Huddersfield

Cleaning Is Our Business
Published in Client Feedback · 1 July 2016
CLIENT - Domestic
Scenario: Clients secured from another cleaning company which we acquired as part of our business development. Client needed confidence that Cleaning Is Our Business Ltd would maintain and even better the high ethical standards of the company bought into our own. Having visited the client, Steve and his cleaning manager reviewed the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that was in place, and carried out a full, independent review of the property, and the needs of the client, identified areas that could be improved and established a revised SLA and cleaning specification.

Feedback from the customer:
Re: Cleaning Is Our Business Ltd
Cleaning Is Our Business have been responsible for cleaning our home in Huddersfield since they acquired the business of the former cleaning company in the summer of 2013. The clean is extensive, and the company provides a regular, managed service once every two weeks. Their staff are very professional and polite, yet friendly, and provide a consistently very high standard of service. We initially decided upon this company due to its environmentally sound credentials (and use of eco-friendly products) and these remain important to us. We are always kept informed if there is ever any need to vary some aspect of the service, and the company is always more than happy to implement requests for changes we make from time to time. We have no hesitation in recommending them to you.”

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